Uses of digital signage

Full screen image

Full Screen Images

Displaying images can't be easier. Regardless of size the system can display them. For the best quality images should be 1920 x 1080px.

Images can be upload from you computer in any format (e.g. jpg,png). If you don't have the images you need we can supply high resolution images for an small addition cost.

Play YouTube™ videos

Video brings your screen to life. With YouTube™ being popular, the system allows you to play the video without buffering.

We download the YouTube™ video to our servers then send it to the Playbox so the video can be played locally.

Play youtube video play without buffering

Simple text on a screen

Simple Text

Even simple text on a monitor can be shown, can be easily customised with color/font type and you can even add background image.

Simple Templates

You can select from a large number of simple templates. We can even create anything to suit your requirements.

Simple text on a screen