We achieve the above by providing, programming and connecting our 'Play box' device to your screen or monitor.

Why settle for anything less? Don't.

Blue Signage Ltd is based on cutting-edge technology, making the final result on your monitors look great.

Eye Catching

Anything can be made eye catching. Anything from images and videos to simple webpages can be made eye catching.

Simple to Set Up

BlueSignage monitors are managed through the web. It is super-easy to deploy and use just by plugging in your Raspberry Pi Device.

Easy to Manage

Our online control panel makes it easier to manage your monitors. It also allows you to edit the content anywhere with an internet connection.

Very Cost Effective

Why should it cost the earth to get something beautiful from an asset you already own. Prices start from as little as £12 a month.

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Don't have the time to manage your screen/monitor(s)?

This is something we can help with. For a little more each month we can update your screen(s) for you with any thing you would like. If you would like to know some more on this get in contact with us it can't be easier.

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