What is a digital signage media player?

A small computer that lets you show digital content on a screen.


How does digital signage work?

Digital signage begins with a content management system that lets you create multi-media presentations for your screens.

Once content has been created, you need a way to upload it to a screen… This is where a digital signage player comes in. Players are small computers that sit behind screens, talking to your software to retrieve your content.

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Why should you invest in a digital signage media player?

The alternative to using an external media player is investing in built-in digital signage displays. These can set you back thousands of pounds and are usually overkill for most deployments.

External media players are a far more cost-effective solution, able to transform any existing screen into a dynamic display.


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Are there different types of player?

Digital signage media players vary a lot in size, operating system, power and price.

Players range from the size of a memory-stick to small boxes that you can fit in one hand.

In recent years, the technical specs of media players have increased while their prices have continued to fall.


  • If you have disused flat screens lying around, plug in a media player to breathe new life into your old tech!
  • Digital signage players in particular are energy efficient too, using approximately £7 in electricity a year.