Digital Signage allows you to provide up to date information to your students, staff and visitors alike.

Display student work, play school videos and YouTube clips or provide live news through a scrolling ticker.

Blue Signage solution is a drag and drop, plug and play solution that simplifies the whole process of management and deployment of signage in your school.

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With the price of screens rapidly reducing, and the total cost of usage lower than it’s ever been, is it time your university joined the digital signage revolution?

Blue Signage software makes it fast, easy and cost effective to broadcast important messages to students, staff and support employees.

These days we are all ‘screen savvy’ – especially students. Looking at a screen comes naturally to us, so there is no better way to communicate.

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There is now a growing demand for real time up to date messages in the retail environment.

The key drivers for this are customers wanting to be kept up to date with the latest trends and special offers.

With this in mind, it is important for retailers to have a centralised solution for managing their digital messages to screens in store. One that will allow them to not only minimise the time taken to deploy bespoke messages, but to measure the messages’ uptake by customers.

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Dental Practices

Dental services are no doubt undergoing outstanding reformation with digital signage enhancing practitioner’s performance and bolstering patient confidence.

In modern times, treatment in healthcare facilities tends towards the improvement in quality of patients’ experience, and thus the possibility of their return.

Waiting in a dental waiting room or doctor’s office can be boring and frustrating. With digital signage, practices can make the most of this time and engage their patients.

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Estate Agents

Traditional window displays have long been the norm for estate agents. For years staff have had to download property listings, print them out, then spend time mounting them in the window. Only to repeat this laborious process daily as stock changes.

Apart from the time it wastes, the limited amount of space in an agency window is is an obvious limitation to this out-dated form of advertising.

Digital signage is the future of property marketing.

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