General Questions

We have a lot of questions. Below there are the answers to the most common questions.
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What does Blue Signage allow me to show on my monitors?

Blue Signage can display a composition of video playlists, image slideshows and online web pages. You can upload whatever media files you want to Blue Signage and use them. Very soon we will be launching a Widget collection, including Scrolling Text(ticker), Rich Text, RSS Feed, and many others. Furthermore we will support PDF and PowerPoint Presentations Files that will be just like image slideshows. 

Why should I not use the USB media player feature of my TV or my Smart TV?

Blue Signage automates the process of playback. It can turn the TV on and off, change the channel to the proper HDMI input and make sure everything goes smoothly without glitches. And, of course, you can continuously update the content over the Internet without using USB sticks or DVD discs.

Also, Blue Signage provides a scheduling feature. You can setup your monitors to show different things on different hours, or even power off your monitor to save power.

What are the requirements for using the Blue Signage?

  • Blue Signage is an online service, so you need an Internet connection for signing in and managing your monitors.
  • A Blue Signage-supported playback device is required for each monitor (either a Raspberry Pi, a dedicated PC or our very own Blue Signage Playbox).
  • Internet connectivity for the Blue Signage Player devices installed, usually wireless (WiFi) or wired (LAN).

Do I need any special skill to use Blue Signage or install the Blue Signage Playbox?

Absolutely not! Blue Signage was designed from scratch so that anyone can use it. Forget the mambo-jumbo tech-stuff. The service is really easy to use and you can order Blue Signage Playboxes that are readly to plug-and-play. Have a look at the single-page Quick-Start Guide for the Blue Signage Playbox.

How many monitors does the Blue Signage support per account?

You can have any number of monitors you need. Blue Signage uses scalable technologies that can support tens of thousands of monitors under one single Blue Signage account.